Setting Up a Play Area


Setting Up a Play Area

Setting Up A Play Area

Setting up a play area doesn’t have to be a long tiresome process.

Here at Play Creations we have a staff team with over 20 years of experience within the softplay industry and other trades. Because of this we are more than equipped to answer any questions you may have about your project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and efficiency of the process from initial enquiry to the final install. Below is some quick points to help you if you are new to industry and are wanting a helping hand in where to start. we have used the example of a Softplay / Adventure play process enquiry to install but all other projects follow the same basic format. 

The Building

Design & Manufacturing

The Install

The Handover

Softplay Maintinance

Now your Softplay install is complete it is important to maintain it. With us you will receive a 1 Year warranty with all our systems. during this time our staff team will work closely to ensure any minor or major issues that rarely but may arise. things such as tensioning nets and adding additional features is the most common task. 

We can also offer a full maintenance contract after the one year period. This Includes: