Setting Up a Play Area


Setting Up a Play Area

Setting Up A Play Area

Setting up a play area doesn’t have to be a long tiresome process.

Here at Play Creations we have a staff team with over 20 years of experience within the softplay industry and other trades. Because of this we are more than equipped to answer any questions you may have about your project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and efficiency of the process from initial enquiry to the final install. Below is some quick points to help you if you are new to industry and are wanting a helping hand in where to start. we have used the example of a Softplay / Adventure play process enquiry to install but all other projects follow the same basic format. 

The Building

  • Is there planning permission for leisure? (D2 leisure usage needed ) - This may need to be discussed with your local planning department.
  • Is there any competition? - This is where a unique design, branding, and customer services are essential.
  • Is the building accessible? - This could be by road and footpath but could also include disability access and parking for customers.
  • Is the building modernised? - Additional budget will need to be considered for any building work.
  • Is there sufficient parking? - A general rule for larger Softplay areas is 22 sqm per gross floor space of the unit.
  • Is the building layout appropriate? - Do you intend to have a seating area for parents / carers, a cafe and toilet facilities?
  • Is the building high enough? - Special consideration will need to be took into account for multi level adventure play frames and trampoline parks. Also appropriate flooring surfacing must be strong enough to support and secure any structural steel.

Design & Manufacturing

  • The first step is to acquire any building measurements & Images (architects drawing, site surveys or photographs). The more information the better!
  • Secondly will be to decide exactly what you are wanting ( purely Softplay, Adventure Play or both ). This can then give us an idea or rough cost
  • Theming and Branding can be very important as well as colour. Our experienced staff can help with any ideas you may have.
  • Once our team have been given the above information we can set to design a 3D model presented in a east to read ( no small print ) document. (Free Of Charge)
  • The design will then be reviewed by yourself and any changes / alterations require will be made.
  • Once a design has been finalised and the deposit is paid our engineers set to work on constructing and preparing all the necessary features.
  • All our materials used in the manufacturing process are the highest of quality available. ( You may find out our competitors aren't as truthful about theirs)

The Install

  • Installs shouldn't be stressful which is why we allocate an experienced project manager with every job. The project manager will be your point of contact during the install period and will be happy to answer any last minute questions or problems you may find. They are also there to ensure the job runs efficiently, safely and professionally.
  • Our Install Team will check the site and will be given a brief by the project manager.
  • 1 - Steel Erection -The first and usually one of the most exiting stage you will see. This is usually down within the first 1 - 3 days and will give you the feel for the finished play frame size.
  • 2 - Padding & Wrapping - This is where the installers are adding and securing the safety padding and when you finally see colour on the system.
  • 3 - Netting - Netting of course fills the entirety of the outside of the play system and on certain panels internally. this usually the longest job as every net is tied in with roughly 150 hand tied specialist knots.
  • 4 -Deck Boards, Fiberglas and rope Features - Here the platforms, level changes and large features are secured. at this stage you will really have a feel for the finished product.
  • 5 - Features & Theming & Cleaning - Finally the remaining features are installed, all vinyls and branding is attached and the entire system is cleaned.

The Handover

  • Once the install is complete our team will to a final check over the system taking not of any snagging that may need to be done at a later date.
  • The Project manager will then go round the system checking for safety, and ensuring a the highest quality of work.
  • You will then be given full staff training on all the aspects of maintaining and cleaning the system.
  • Once this is complete you will be given a certificate of completion well as a folder containing all the necessary documents needed.
  • The final stage is to have an independent accredited safety inspection company. This will IS INCLUDED in your initial price.
  • After this inspection has taken place you are ready to open your doors to the public ( providing you have the relivent insurance ) - For any info please Get In Touch.

Softplay Maintinance

Now your Softplay install is complete it is important to maintain it. With us you will receive a 1 Year warranty with all our systems. during this time our staff team will work closely to ensure any minor or major issues that rarely but may arise. things such as tensioning nets and adding additional features is the most common task. 

We can also offer a full maintenance contract after the one year period. This Includes:

  • Written reports on the state of your Play Area
  • A deep clean of hard to reach aread such as slides, no access zones and the top of the system.
  • Net tentioning
  • Safety checks
  • Ball pool cleaning
  • Emergency repair work