Monkeys & Marbles – Ghana

22 Jun 2020

Play Creations designs, manufactures and installs new Softplay area in Accra, Ghana


Jamiliah Issifou

Total Cost

£30k (Ex. VAT)

Key Features 

– Suits Building Size:  1300 sq. ft.

– Age Range: Baby (0-2), Toddler (2-5), Junior (5-8)

Softplay Install – Accra, Ghana

Play Creations was contacted by Jamiliah. A successful business woman who was venturing into a new avenue. A renovated 3 story building in the heart of Accra would host a brand-new family learning centre and nursery, as well as a café and softplay area. Due to the high safety standards of UK made products, Jamiliah came looking for quality. The design team were able to access the Architects 2D plans and from this a full 3D model was made. Due to the room shape and height, space was limited. We were able to design a frame in such a way that allowed for all the normal fun features as well as a double bay trampoline bed. The final design was confirmed and manufacturing began. Before Jamiliah knew, the shipping container was on its way to Ghana and the Install team was raring to get started. 

Softplay Area

The frame laid host to a number of fun features as well as some custom-made applique finishing touches. The entrance to the system had full applique floor boards with a fun Orange and blue Sun burst. Behind this held an interactive LED Infinity mirror panel enclosed by backing vinyl’s and butchers’ curtain. The ground floor was a maze of fun climbing features like wedge floor and up & under with buffer. To the back of the system we integrated a large trampoline bed from our brief and an angled ball pool with fun target shapes suspended on the external.  

Softplay Install

Our team arrived in Ghana and was met by their driver. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees and a very high humidity level it wasn’t going to be a normal week of work. The following day the team was on site and ready to get to work. No time was wasted in getting to work on room preparation and organisation. Like many jobs we would be working around other trades people which meant clear direction was needed from our project manager. The team was instantly able to build a good repour with the other work force, which made the job all the easier. By the first day the steel was up and the rest of the install soon followed. Unfortunately, as the building was in its earlier stages the building standard isn’t what we would usually be use to. Unfinished electrics, no plumbing and unfinished plaster meant our team had to work in slightly warmer conditions than usual. As Aircon is usually the last thing to go in it was safe to say, a couple extra breaks throughout the day was needed.

Ghana, A little extra

The team was able to finish the job one day earlier than planned. With a little spare time after the full handover, Jerry, the project manager of the building renovation organised a trip for the team on a tour of Accra. They were lucky enough to take a taxi trip to the local jungle reserve. On the return to the hotel the team made a surprise visit to the remains of Bob Marley’s second home. With bright paint still visible on the walls they were able to really get a feel for how the house use to look in its better days. The team returned to the hotel and after many thanks to their host, they were soon on the plane, ready for the next install in the UK.