Soft Play


The Play Creations Production System (PCPS) sets out clear manufacturing guidelines, so customers can be assured that when they purchase any Play Creations product, it has a consistent high level of quality – built in.

PCPS has three desired outcomes; firstly, to provide the customer with the highest quality soft play products, at the lowest possible cost, in a timely manner with the shortest possible lead times. Secondly, to provide team members with work satisfaction, job security and fair treatment. Finally, it gives Play Creations enough flexibility to respond to the market, achieve profit through cost reduction activities and long-term prosperity.

PCPS strives for the absolute elimination of waste, overburden and unevenness in all areas to allow team members to work smoothly and efficiently. The foundations of PCPS are built on standardisation to ensure a safe method of operation and a consistent approach to quality. Play Creations team members seek to continually improve their standard processes and procedures in order to ensure maximum quality, improve efficiency and eliminate waste. This is known as kaizen and is applied to every sphere of the company’s activities.

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You can’t build a quality product, without using the highest quality raw materials. We only select raw materials that meet or exceed our internal quality standards, whilst also meeting or exceeding the safety standards in place for fire resistance and impact absorption. To that end, we are unique within the industry in sourcing our vinyl (which is a major component in soft play make-up!) from a UK manufacturer, whose quality and colour vibrancy, far exceeds that of the imported equivalents, used by all others. It is more expensive, but you won’t need to replace it as frequently. We seek to source materials, wherever possible, from local or UK suppliers in a bid to minimise environmental impact and to support UK businesses. All our timber sourced is FSC certified.

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Colour Ranges

We stock an extensive range of matt and gloss vinyl colours. All vinyl used by us are flame resistant, UV-Inhibited, Anti-fungal and Phthalate Free. This means you can have any beautiful combination of bright and bold colours that are fun and unique, but most importantly safe and hygienic.

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The Team

Our team members are the key to our success. They are chosen for their skills and more importantly their attitude towards delivering a quality product. Each team member has proven years in industry, where they have honed and refined their skills to the highest levels. Where they come into the business without the necessary skill level, they are provided with the requisite training and mentorship, to be able to deliver products to the standards we strive to achieve.

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A few of our favourites

Take a look at a small selection of our soft play projects that we’ve had the pleasure of doing. From small home installs to large trampoline parks we’ve done it all.  

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