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Play Creations design, manufacture and install bespoke trampoline parks, Climbing Areas & Indoor Activity Centres.

Trampoline parks have become a popular activity, for children and adults alike. We can design these trampoline parks to cater for a specific age group, or for a wider age group depending on your needs. A variety of features, including Dodge Ball zones, Ninja Warrior, Warped Wall running, Stepping Stones, Log Roll, Giant Airbags and Battle Balance Beams can be included. These are situated between padded walkways and railings, ensuring a safe and fun environment.

We can also design and install custom Climbing Wall Areas and Parkour Parks to cater for any space. as well as specialist equipment to suit each environment. As these are now officially recognised and with climbing confirmed as one of the 2020 Olympics games sports great support is on offer to promote and encourage participation.

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All of our trampoline equipment is designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK, using only the highest grade raw materials on offer. Steel framework and springs are manufactured to our designs and specifications, here in the UK, again only using the highest grade steel on offer.

Trampoline parks are a fantastic way for young people and adults alike to come together and test their ability whilst having a fun, safe and exiting experience. One of the main features that we offer are our ninja warrior courses, which can be designed with varying levels of complexity and difficulty, to ensure suitability for a range of age groups. Ninja warrior courses can include a timed element, which introduces another layer of competitiveness into the activity. These ninja warrior areas are a great addition to any indoor trampoline park. Check out our Ninja Warrior page for more information.

We can design a trampoline system to fit any space you have available. The larger the space, the larger the range of exciting and complex activities we can include.

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