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We design, manufacture and install custom inflatable Bouncy Castles, Obstacle Courses and Air Bags.

From Foam Pit airbags to traditional bouncy castles play creations has a great reputation in the quality of our products. In the past inflatables were an oversized, overpriced and not long lived. With the development of materials now available we have been able to develop and manufacture affordable, long lasting inflatables at a very competitive price. Our coloured vinyl is UV protected meaning you get the vibrant colours for much longer. We also understand that starting and running your own business can be hard work and the added pressure of choosing a manufacturer can be a long costly process. We provide free, professional advice whilst also providing a free design and quote. You only pay for your finished product.

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What about air bags?

With the huge growth of trampoline and skate parks over the past few years. There’s been a natural growth in demand for air bags. Replacing foam pits, they act as a clean safe alternative the require hardly any maintenance. Clients no longer have to hoover them annoying foam bits from their sprung floors, no longer have to top up or fluff up the foam. No more searching for lost belongings. You simply flick a switch and you’re ready to go. Functionality is also important when considering to upgrade or choosing the right air bag. We have seen that trampoline and adventure parks cater for high volumes of people and the safe control of this is important. We can provide top sheets for any airbag with branding and lane markers printed on high quality vinyl. This can help greatly in the management of users. Our design also means a soft surface for landing whilst a sturdy surface for clearing.

All our inflatables are custom built to the client’s specification and a range of colours, branding and add-ons are completely optional. We don’t hide any costs and each client gets a dedicated project manager to ensure clarity and professionalism.

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