Light, sound and touch

Sensory areas or Multi-Sensory rooms are areas that are generally used by those with moderate to profound special needs and which have been found to have significant benefits to users of all ages.

A Sensory Room is an area specially designed to stimulate the body’s senses. These can promote both a de-escalating and encouraging environment for those with a range of Special Educational Needs. These rooms can provide a hugely beneficial learning and stimulating experience to both young people and adults. They promote a broad range of development skills such as: fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, gross motor skills, colour recognition, & individual learning.

Through Light, sound, touch and sometimes smell. Individuals are able to enjoyable a controlled as well as safe stimulative experience.

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Interactive features

With the introduction of interactive features such as ‘switched’ systems and interactive projector systems, these areas can provide users with essential insight into the relationship between cause and effect.

Sensory rooms are designed and installed by our highly trained staff with the needs of the user in mind. They are designed to provide a calming safe space. To achieve this, we provide specialist lighting and sound equipment that can be controlled manually or vocally. We also provide high grade floor and wall padding. This provides a safe clean surface for users whilst giving a bright visual stimulus.

In the context of a family entertainment centre, a multi sensory room can provide an opportunity to create real inclusion for children of all abilities. Specific sessions can be allocated for children with special needs, which may well fill a very specific hole in the local services on offer.

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