Project:  Browns

Client:  James Brown

Total Cost:  £10000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  1000 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 6

Soft play install

Play Creations was contacted by James Brown, the managing director of a successful, family owned caravan park on the beautiful coastline of Scarborough. Browns Caravan Park attracts hundreds of families each year and with a range of activities already on offer James wanted to expand the options for younger children. The caravan park sits on what used to be the family farm, with a number of old barns and out-buildings that have been converted to provide additional site facilities and one of these had been allocated towards provision of a softplay area. Available space was a little restricted with a low roof height and single door entrance. We would therefore have to design a non-standard frame whilst meeting all safety guidelines and customer specification.

Our design team worked closely to ensure every possible area was utilised with maximum play capacity and with themed aesthetics to reflect the location. Our portable Qube sets are very popular with hire companies and smaller businesses that require a miniature version of our adventure play systems. We were able to utilise our Qube style strucutral elements and dimensions to create a fixed structure that more efficiently utilised the space on offer.

After the first design, James was blown away with the proposal. Full sea artwork surrounding the room as well as a centralised frame and surrounding mats. The design was signed off and in less than 5 weeks the team was on site ready to begin the 4 day install.

Soft Play

The area was designed with a centralised, non-standard frame. Surrounding this was a fully matted area with padded wall boards. All wall boards had custom sea life artwork, designed and printed in-house by our design team. The wall boards include integrated games and mirror panels. We also added a wall mounted LED Infinity mirror, which are a great sensory addition that incorporates well with any soft play area. They can be floor, roof or wall mounted. In the surrounding area we filled the space with a number of interactive challenges and softplay shapes.

Smaller than the usual frame

Standard frame centres measure 1.22m x 1.22m and therefore wouldn’t fit efficiently in the space, so we reduced the frame centres of each grid to70cm x 70cm which suited the room and gave a more efficient use of space. We used smaller diameter tubing and padding without compromising safety or structural integrity. Within the frame there are all the usual fun features such as a twin bay rope bridge, Spiders web, Chicane Mirrors, Hanging Snakes and hump block but all reduced in size to suit. There is also a miniature log ramp and custom-made Slide block with safety side panels that fit perfectly with the rest of the system. The area was divided using a retainer wall that an applique wave was added to, to finish the design. These were also secured to the floor to create a fixed containing wall that doubles as parental seating.