Project:  Kooca Softplay Cafe

Client:  Ian Biggins

Total Cost:  £42000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  3400 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 10yrs

Ice Cream and Sweetie Themed Softplay Design

Kooca is based in Chesterfield, South Yorkshire. Situated in the heart of the town centre, the softplay centre with ice cream parlour and dessert bar, offers local families the utlimate pre or post shopping indulgence.

Kooca’s owner, Ian had enjoyed a successful career in the public services but was looking for a new challenge and business opportunity away from this. Having identified softplay centres as a great business opportunity, he set to work finding a suitable unit from which to operate a family entertainment centre.

As is often the case in these situations, a little bit of good fortune lead to him finding an ideal unit in the city centre, that had good on site parking (as well as plenty more close by) with enough space and height to be able to achieve a 3 level play area, as well as good chance of obtaining the necessary planning consent.

With the lease negotiations and planning application well underway, Ian approached Play Creations to design an ice cream and sweetie themed softplay area, that would maximise the space available and work within the existing setting. 

Soft Play Design, Manufacture and Installation

Utilising the available height, the softplay area was designed primarliy as a 2 level area but with a 3rd level tucked into the pitch of the roof. A low level and enclosed baby area was included in the ground floor footprint.

The baby area for 0-2 year olds includes softplay building blocks, softplay donut, interactive game panels as well as an LED infinity mirror for some sensory immersion.

The main area, which caters for 2-10 year olds includes 2 feature slides, with ice cream artwork theming, along with a cantilevered crawl tube. Digi print artwork that was designed and printed in-house, was also applied to external drapes and bunting to give the ice cream and sweetie theme area a real lift.

Also included for maximum play value were dizzy disc, bouncing balls, climbing, hanging and squeeze features as well as our mini trampoline feature. Where possible, applique artwork (vinyl stitched onto vinyl) such as dripping ice cream and sweetie swirls, were appiled to the softplay features to really emphasise the chosen theme.

Take a look at a quick video walkaround here:


Indoor Softplay Designed and Built to Last

All of our softplay equipment is hand-built by us, here in our West Yorkshire softplay factory, utilising both traditional and modern techniques to ensure a robust and high quality finish is achieved, time and again.

Not only do we manufacure all of own in equipment in-house, but we also carry out the installation process ourselves, to ensure our quality product is installed to an equally high standard.

Our focus on providing high quality products and services ensures our products last as long as possible and means our customers minimise the cost of on-going repairs and maintenance.