Project:  Cottage Brew

Client:  Shansel Hussain

Total Cost:  £21000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  20003000 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 6

Soft play install

Shansel is a successful restauranteur and property owner, who wanted to expand her business portfolio and open a soft play area in her local area of Worcester Park. She first contacted us to look at a building she had found which showed promise. We attended site and proposed some design plans and quotes. Unfortunately, the building proved to costly to convert and was therefore discounted on this basis.

A couple more potential premises where sought, none of which proved fruitful. However, perseverance and hard work paid off and Shansel eventually found a property that suited her requirements, just off the main high street in Worcester Park. The property had been a restaurant in a previous life and as such a lot of the required services, along with the necessary planning requirements were already in place. Therefore, Shansel could act fast and we were quickly brought in to draw up some designs for the space.

Being essentially a domestic property, space was at a premium, but we were able to design effective and inclusive play spaces, to serve her target market of the pre-school age range.

Climbing Walls, Ball Cannons and much more

The junior area was positioned to the back of the building and in spite of its’ diminutive proportions, we were still able to include a slide, ball cannon and climbing wall features, along with the usual soft play fare of squeeze rollers, terrain blocks and hanging bash bags and snakes.

Applique, which is the method of sewing fabric onto fabric to create textures and patterns, was extensively used, to add a vibrant aesthetic, that echoed the Cottage Brew brand identity.

Baby soft play area

To the front of the building was an old storeroom, who’s proportions and position was ideally suited to a separate and dedicated baby area. We therefore created a completely padded room with padded wall and floorboards, to create a safe and inviting space for 0-2’s to explore their physical and cognitive faculties, with the challenge and sensory features included.


Shansel’s efforts in the rest of the building were as successfully delivered as our play equipment installation and she opened the doors to an expectant and eager public reception.