Jump Ninja Salford

21 Apr 2020

Play Creations designs, Manufactures and Installs new Trampoline Park In Salford.


John Simons

Total Cost

£160k (Exc. VAT)

Key Features

– Suits Building Size:  15,000 sq. ft.

– Age Range: 6 – 70+ Years

Trampoline Install – Salford

Jump Ninja is a privately funded indoor entertainment centre based in Salford, UK. Exited to host an innovative new Trampoline Park, the Jump Ninja team began looking for a suitable company to take on the project.

Play Creations Recently installed a Trampoline Park system at Energi in Carlisle, which was very well received. Jump Ninja, despite a smaller budget, contains an equally wide range of exiting features. Chief among these in an all-new Ninja Warrior course, with a more advanced and challenging design.

Jump Ninja Contacted Play Creations on the back of seeing Energi and gave a range of design requirements. These include a large main Trampoline area, an area suitable for younger children and a Ninja Warrior course. Play Creations Were happy to accommodate and after a number of iterations as well as several site surveys a final design was agreed upon, which Jump Ninja was very happy with.

Trampoline Park Build

The Trampoline park design consisted of padded and carpeted, raised walkways, linking a range of zones and activities. the main trampoline area contains an array of flat and angled trampolines, in both double and single variations. They also include vaults and stunt boxes surrounding padded pillars, to allow for more advanced and varied trampolining whilst ensuring the area is still safe to use. 

Nearby, there is a junior zone, with smaller trampoline beds suitable for younger children and can easily be cordoned off for structured trampoline based lessons etc…

Also Included in the design was a netted-in basketball zone, which with its bouncy floor takes basketball to the next level! the balance beam / balance beam area also present, which allows for a great competitive game between two players. 


Play Creations chose to expand on their Airbag design for Jump Ninja, which is now larger and features both flat and raised launch trampolines. this allows for two people to jump simultaneously. 


This design is more akin to the Ninja Warrior courses featured on TV, with a large framework, hanging features and foam pits. The activities here are more challenging then the previously featured softplay variant, this means its more suitable for older children. there is also a timing element at the start, which allows users to time their attempts, encouraging competition. 

Ninja Warrior

After the utmost success of the Ninja Warrior at Energi, Play Creations spent a lot of time and resources developing the system, as well as a range of variations. Jump Ninja chose to adopt one of these variations here. and is featured below: