Project:  Jungle Catz

Client:  Vicky May

Total Cost:  £44000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  40005000 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 8

Soft play install

Vicci had owned Jungle Catz for approximately 2 years, having bought the softplay cafe as a going concern, from the previous owner who had established the business 4 years prior. However, whilst the play-centre was busy and had a good customer base, Vicci soon became aware that the existing softplay equipment was clearly in need of some attention and upgrading.

She contacted Play Creations in the first instance, to ask us to look at a refurbishment of her existing softplay frame. Upon further inspection it quickly became clear to the Play Creations surveyor, that the frame was actually a Chinese import and had been very badly manufactured and installed. This doesn’t happen very often, but we had to advise Vicci that we could not work on such a badly designed and installed play frame, as there was too much wrong with it for us to try and correct and be able to proudly put our name too. Vicci quickly came to terms with the news and invited us back to look at options for a brand new play equipment design. With a strong brand in place, this gave us a good base to form our discussions around and what could be achieved within the space.

Our in-house design team set to work on creating a play equipment design that maximised the use of available space, including in the roof void, which had some interesting steelwork for us to work around! With the design agreed and the order in place, we set to work on manufacturing the new equipment ready for install. To minimise downtime for the business, the dismantle of the existing frame was carried out directly ahead of the installation of new. We were able to dismantle the old play frame and install all the new softplay equipment, in a little over 7 days and Vicci was back open to the public in less than 10 days.

Adventure Soft Play

The new frame would cater for children aged 0 to 8 years old and would be divided into two main areas. A large multi-level adventure softplay frame for children aged 4-8 and a smaller enclosed softplay area for the younger age range to the front of the system.
On the ground floor the adventure softplay area laid host to a number of exciting, interactive features that the children could climb, spin and swing on. With a number of level changing platforms, the first and second floor could be reached with ease. We included an ariel skyglide with facing splat pads at either end. We added a spinning dizzy disc with zebra applique artwork and horizontal squeeze rollers, with applique tiger artwork. To the right of the system we added a fun up & under block with hanging buffer pad that with a large applique hippo face.
Continuing the jungle theming throughout the system was important for Vicci so almost every feature had artwork or colours linking to the chosen theme.
The first floor continued the fun. A 180-degree tube slide that descended to the ground floor sat to the back of the system. This was a great addition that filled a void area as well as providing an additional adrenalin filled level changer. A number of rope features provided more fun challenges. This included a spiders web and V-net bridge. A crawl tube sat to the front of the system with two viewing windows. Unfortunately, due to building layout an old ventilation shaft blocked onlooking parents so Play creations was able to organise and carryout a slight alteration which really opened up the space and viewing capability.
The second and final floor had to be designed with the building structure in mind. As this level ascended into the roof void, we had to shape the frame in and around the supporting beams. We were able to do this without jeopardising play value or safety. We included two fun bouncing ball boards, cargo bridge with stepping stones, a number of bash bags, mirror chicanes and a giant interactive pin wheel above the crawl tube.

Toddler and baby soft play

To the front of the system sat the baby and toddler area. This was enclosed on three sides with a themed retaining block to the front. These areas are a great area for parents to be able to drop children whilst keeping a close eye on their activities.
In this area we included a number of applique soft animal rockers and softplay shapes. On ether side we added two interactive games panels. Finally, we identified that a void space was being wasted so we also added a ball pool that sat beneath the log ramp.