Krazy Krocs – Nuneaton

20 Jan 2020

Play Creations designs, manufactures and installs new Softplay frame in Nuneaton


Andrew, Richard & Adam

Total Cost

£70k (Ex. VAT)

Key Features 

– Suits Building Size:  6000 – 7000 sq. ft.

– Age Range: Baby (0-2), Toddler (2-5), Junior (5-12)

Softplay Install – Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Play Creations was contacted by Andrew, Richard & Adam. Three business partners looking to starting a brand new Softplay Business in Nuneaton. The building had been taken on by the partners and had previously been a public gym. This provided a great space with huge possibilities for expansion and a huge range of facilities. The entrance would take you into ’Candy’s Café’ offering a range of hot and cold food, deserts, slushes and finally a Costa Coffee.  Continuing through the building would take you into the main hall.  A 110m Play frame spanning three floors with a generous seating are for parents and carers. Behind was a brand new concept, Dream maker animated studio. This is a small green room which allowed children (and parents) to be places within an animated setting for a photo/ video opportunity.  Backgrounds include some of their favourite characters & films such as Frozen, avengers and many more . Above this was an open balcony area overlooking the play area. this would allow for three party rooms with differentiated colours and custom cartoon graffiti artwork to match. Future plans to add a day care nursery were also in discussion for the rear part of the building in coming months.


Play Creations set to work on designing the play area and ideas was bounced back and forth to ensure the space was used to its full potential. As the brand is Krazy Krocs we decided to incorporate a light jungle theme throughout the system adding themed applique to both the features and floor boards.  The final design consisted of a three floor L shaped frame with a huge V-net rope bridge joining between. Below would be a generous baby area with a sensory, interactive LED light tube and Softplay animals.

Adventure Play

The ground floor included a maze of features such as themed bash bags, Wobble Floors, Mirrored Chicanes and a Sky Glide. Sky Glides are a very popular choice within a play frame due to the interactivity and overall fun aspect it presents. As the slide drops down the system it presented a lowered area beneath that over companies would simply net off. We decided to add two stalagmite feature boards that hang from the ceiling allowing an additional sensory area.
A journey up the log ramp or step climb takes you to the first floor. Here we added a four bay dizzy disc area with corner mirrors ether side. Applique art was added to the floor boards to give a greater aesthetic look. Continuing through the system we added a ‘Kroc’ balance beam, Horizontal Rollers, Spiders Web rope feature and two cubed floors. Up a small step would take you to the first of two huge slides. A four lane astra slide with wave artwork would run to the ground floor of the system.
Continuing up was the final second floor. Here we had the opportunity to add some of our favourite features. Starting with a six panel traverse wall surrounding a soft mushroom feature. The traverse wall would also have a vinyl surface enabling again a great aesthetic look whilst also giving a greater surface for cleaning. A giant pin wheel was added to the front of the system allowing an additional interactive feature. Next was a four bay bounce area which is another of our popular features which is made possible by making use of dead space that the Astra slide provides below. A two bay cargo net crossing with stepping stones takes you to two port hole deck boards. These provide a great opportunity to look directly below you to whoever is on the slide. Port holes are a great way to both fill space in areas that overwise would be plain they allow a very fun alternative to a plain deck board. The hippo up and under humps take to the next slide feature. A 5400 Spiral slide that spanned from the top to the bottom of the system. Mouse hole step climbs were also added to connect the first and second floor. Finally a specially designed V-net bridge crossed from one side of the system to the next. We also decided to add a specially designed net to the exterior of the bridge. This stopped anything getting dropped on the baby are below whist maintaining a clear view from the floor for parents and staff.

Baby Softplay Area

Back to the ground floor and to the front of the system we added a generously sized baby area. Here we added an interactive led light tube. These are a great focus point for such area. We added a step and slide and some Softplay animals to finish.
Our team set to work and had a two-week deadline that had to be met due to other work going on around the building and the open day fast approaching. Luckily as they were no setbacks and the team managed to finish two days early it meant we could install the party rooms upstairs earlier than planned which made the client more than happy. Our team got back to the factory and manufactured all the necessary things. Friday, we travelled back and installed the party rooms within a day.


Overall the 3 partners and all their close friends and family were extremely happy with the finished products and there are already talks or expansion in the near future.