Project: Krazy Krocs

Client:  Andrew, Richard & Adam

Total Cost:  £70000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  60007000/span> sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 12

Soft play set-up

Three successful entrepreneurs decided to join forces to establish a soft play area and nursery, in their local town of Nuneaton. Adam, Richard and Andrew all ran their own successful businesses in the town and when presented with the chance to take on a vacant gym building, they saw an opportunity too good to miss.

With the building already having the correct planning permission in place, this was one major hurdle they did not have to overcome. The building also had enough space within to allow them to incorporate a number of businesses all under one roof. They were able to apportion the upstairs accommodation over to a full-time nursery, which is one of the most complimentary businesses to have next to a soft play area.

Not only that, but they arranged the ground floor front of house such that it could also serve the surrounding area with food and drinks, utilising the kitchen and servery facilities, no matter whether they were attending the soft play area or not. The kitchen also works well into the night as a food delivery and takeaway operation. Clever and efficient use of the space!

After seeing a previous installation and impressed with the quality of our play equipment manufacture and installation, Adam made contact with us, to arrange a site meeting and to discuss design opportunities within the space. As they had already arranged much of the building to suit their requirements, our job was made slightly easier, as we only had the play equipment design to concentrate on. (We often start with a full 2D plan of the building, to arrange all service in as an efficient manner as possible!). Their Krazy Krocs brand was already in place, so we used this as the basis for the colouring and theme of our play equipment and set to work on the overall design layout. With good height to play with, we were able to design an impressive 3 level, L-shaped frame with a huge V-net rope bridge diagonally joining the 2 legs of the ‘L’ together. Below would be a generous baby area with a sensory, interactive LED light tube and soft play animal rockers.

Adventure Soft Play

Situated in a high roofed, industrial unit, the head height afforded to us allowed us to design a full 3 level play area. Most of the ground floor was apportioned to the juniors (2-8 yrs) but a reasonable footprint was allocated to a dedicated baby soft play area. This gives carers some reassurance that the older and younger children each have their own play spaces, which can be enjoyed to the fullest in both a fun and safe manner.

The junior area included an exciting four lane wavy slide with waterfall artwork, as well as a nerve-jangling, high-level V Net bridge on the top floor, that projects directly over the baby area below. A second 540 degree spiral slide was also included, for maximum excitement and visual effect. Across the rest of the upper floor levels, more exciting adventure soft play features were included, that comprised traverse climbing walls, mushroom climb, dizzy disc, terrain blocks, rope features, crocodile zig-zag balance beam, porthole deck boards, dome window, squeeze roller features and the usual hanging bash bags and snakes.

Also included was a unique Play Creations product, the giant pinwheel, which adds another layer of interaction to the play equipment, whilst also providing some much needed movement to the external façade of the play frame. The ground floor includes a maze of features such as themed bash bags, wobble floors, mirror chicanes and a sky glide. Sky glides are a very popular choice within a play frame due to the interactivity and overall fun aspect it presents. As the slide drops down the system it presented a lowered area beneath that other companies would simply net off. We decided to add two stalagmite feature boards that hang from the ceiling allowing an additional sensory area.

As with all our soft play equipment, it was designed, manufactured and installed in excess of the current standards for indoor play, BS:EN1176.

Toddler and baby soft play

On the ground floor and to the front of the system we added a generous soft play baby area. Here we added an interactive led light tube, for additional sensory stimulation. These are a great focal point for such an area and add some visual texture to the space. We added a number of challenge features, that included a step and slide, softplay building block sets and soft play animal rockers to finish.