Little Hooligans – Walsall

16 Jun 2020

Play Creations designs, manufactures and installs new Softplay frame in Walsall


Fayazz Ahmed

Total Cost

£95k (Ex. VAT)

Key Features 

– Suits Building Size:  9000 – 10,000 sq. ft.

– Age Range: Baby (0-2), Toddler (2-5), Junior (5-8)

Softplay Install – Walsall

Play Creations was contacted by Fayazz. He was searching for a company that could design, manufacture, install and maintain his new softplay centre in Walsall. Fayazz wanted a wide range of activities to offer his young customers as well as a safe space for parties and events.
Fayazz contacted Play Creations and before he knew it, a site survey and design were ready. We included Softplay for all ages of children from 1 all the way up to 10. Utilising the shape and space of the building we were able to also include three, generous sized party rooms which could be used individually or as a whole. After a few minor alterations our design was finally ready. The next stage of the project was about to become a reality.
Manufacturing all the features took just under three week and the install date was set. All our designs and Softplay features are made in house by our professional team. From floorboards to dizzy discs, we do it all, and to the highest of standards.

Adventure Play

The main frame like all of our designs was able to hold a lot of fun features for the little ones. We incorporated a large 4 by 4 Sports area. This was a large enclosed safe space for a number of activities like football and basketball. Two Ariel glides were situated just next to the sports area giving an adrenalin fuelled experience in a safe environment. A number of slides were added throughout all the frame. These are great fun for children. We also chose to add the ‘Little Hooligans’ Branding to the 45 degree drop slide to maintain the theming we wanted to achieve. A large trampoline was added to the front of the system. This was for safety and so staff could monitor the number of children using it. Trampolined are always a great feature to incorporate within a softplay system that has a large footprint. The ground floor held a number of additional features but our team wanted to go one step further. Lastly designed and manufactured a fully interactive carousel. This was activated at the touch of a button and was full padded and wrapped in our high-quality materials. It was safe to say this was a huge success with the children as soon as the centre was operational.
The first-floor laid host to even more fun features. These included: A crawl tube, Spiders webs, V-net bridge, Ball cannon, Cargo net, Climbing area and much more.

Toddler & Baby Softplay

The Toddler and baby area had a number of fun features and activities for the younger children, these usually range from 0 to 5. A giant ball pit sat to the rear of the play area with an interactive ball juggler not too far away. A Twin lade Toddler slide descended from the lower levels of the toddler frame. Enclosed in this was again a number of hanging features to negotiate around. Softplay shapes and games filled any remaining space in this area. We also ran a softplay fence with netting to the front of the area with one way in and out for children. This helps both staff and parents monitor the children. This is especially important in peak bust times. It also stops older children entering the younger area.