Play Village – Mapplewell

8 May 2020

Play Creations designs, manufactures and installs new Softplay frame in Mapplewell, Barnsley


Stephanie Bettley

Total Cost

£37k (Ex. VAT)

Key Features 

– Suits Building Size:  3000 sq. ft.

– Age Range: Baby (0-2), Toddler (2-5), Junior (5-8)

Softplay Install – Mapplewell, Barnsley

Play Creations was contacted by Stephanie who already had an existing, successful softplay business. Although the centre had a thriving business, dedicated staff and second to none cleanliness, the only thing that wasn’t up to scratch was the play frame. As this was the main focus point Stephanie and her staff team wanted to give back to her customers. a full refurbishment was needed to allow for their high expectations and requirements. 

Stephanie contacted a number of our competitors aswell as ourselves for designs and ideas. unlike other companies our team treats every client or possible client like one of our own and with a no nonsense, straight forward approach we were able to submit a full 3d plan of the new design play frame in situ as well as full elevation plans, costings and timescales. Stephanie and her team made the decision to use play creations for the design, manufacture,install and maintenance of her exiting new project. (We believe this was the right decision).


Play Creations set to work on finalising the design and making any alterations needed to meet the clients specification as well as the UK standards. as soon as this finished and Stephanie was happy, our team set to work in the factory manufacturing all the features. 

Adventure Play

We designed the ground floor to allow access for Juniors (2-8). Also using some of the ground space we incorporated a 3 x 2 (3.66m x 2.44m) enclosed baby area. This allows parents reassurance that the older and younger children both a fun and safe space.  The junior are ground floor hosted a number of fun, interactive features including a Ball Pit, Dizzy Disc, Balance Beam and hanging features. 

The first floor continued the fun adventure features whilst also giving an entrance point to the twin lane slide. Slides are always a great feature in adventure play frames. They give a Adrenalin fuelled ride as well as teaching children fundamental skills like taking turns and developing gross motor skills. Climbing traverse walls, Spiders web, a dome window and a wide array of hanging features were also included withing the first floor.

The final floor allowed for more fun features, the main one being a huge crawl tube, towering over the front of the system. this again give a daring and fun experience to children, allowing them to crawl and wave at their onlooking parents in the cafe area. A double bay cargo net hung over the first floor and more fun features filled the remaining areas. 

Open plan log ramps were used to access each level. these are great as they allow children to pass safely during play whilst also allowing a quick and direct route should an emergency occur.


the install was a success and the client was more than happy with the finished product. Since our install Stephanie and The Play Village continues to thrive and is continually being praised for her great play centre. She has a dedicated staff pool who can now say they have the best play centre in the area.