Project:  Play Village

Client:  Stephanie Bettley

Total Cost:  £37000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  3000

Age Range:  0 – 11

Soft play install

Stephanie already owned and ran The Play Village in Mapplewell. However, whilst the centre was busy and had a good customer base, Stephanie was all too aware that the existing play frame was old and well past it’s best.  

She contacted Play Creations in the first instance, to ask us to look at a refurbishment of her existing play frame. Upon further inspection it quickly became clear to the Play Creations team, that while a refurb was possible, the cost to carry out a proper refurb job was not that much different to the supply of a complete new frame. We offered prices and designs for both options.  

Whilst it was the more expensive option, it was clear that the benefits of a complete new play equipment design, would far outweigh the extra cost and after a little deliberation, Stephanie decided to take the plunge and opted for the brand new design, instead of trying to refurb and correct the existing frame. Stephanie is happy to confirm that she made the right decision! 

With the design agreed and the order in place, we set to work on manufacturing the new equipment ready for install. To minimise downtime for the business, the dismantle of the existing frame was carried out directly ahead of the installation of new. We were able to dismantle and install all, in a little over 7 days and Stephanie was back open to the public in less than 10 days.  

Adventure Play

Being in a high roofed, industrial type unit, the head height afforded to us allowed us to design a full 3 level play area. Most of the ground floor was apportioned to the juniors (2-8 yrs) but a small footprint was allocated to a dedicated and enclosed baby area. This gives carers some reassurance that the older and younger children each have their own play spaces, which can be enjoyed to the fullest in both a fun and safe manner. 

The junior area included an exciting twin lane wavy slide, as well as a nerve-jangling, high-level crawl tube on the top floor, that projects from the front of frame and is suspended above the seating area below.  

We designed the ground floor to allow access for juniors (2-8yrs). Also using some of the ground space, we incorporated a dedicated and enclosed baby area (0-2yrs). The junior area ground floor hosted a number of fun and interactive features including a ball pool, dizzy disc, balance beam and hanging features. Across the rest of the upper floor levels, more exciting adventure soft play features were included, that comprised traverse climbing walls, terrain blocks, rope features, dome window, squeeze roller features and the usual hanging bash bags and snakes.  

As with all our soft play equipment, the entire provision was designed, manufactured and installed in excess of the current standards for indoor play, BS:EN1176.  


Stephanie was delighted with her new play frame, as well as the entire customer experience as a whole and continues to be a valued customer. We have since added a separate soft play area, to fill some under-utilised space and look forward to also adding the extension to the junior area, that Stephanie has in mind next!