Project:  Sea Life Centre

Client:  Paulina Kozlowska

Total Cost:  £80000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  80009000 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 11

Soft play install

Paulina is an enthusiastic, driven and successful business person, who had identified that Southampton was in much need of a quality soft play centre. She had found and secured a large retail premises, in a prime town centre location within the Marlands shopping centre.

After she made contact with us, a site meeting was arranged where we discussed the design brief and carried out a full building survey. With a clear brief in place and accurate measurements to work with, our in-house design team set to work to create a design that met and hopefully exceeded Paulina’s expectations.

As is the case with most bids, Paulina was speaking to other suppliers and had received designs and quotes from a number of others. Together with her children, they assessed the designs and contents of each proposal and it was immediately clear to them, that our design incorporated more feature variety (including unique to Play Creations features), as well as aesthetic theming, that set our design well ahead of the rest. With the value for money assessment also made, Paulina was in no doubt that our offering was on a different level to the rest and that she would place the order with us. She did and we were pleased to welcome her into the Play Creations family!

Adventure Play

The play centre was arranged into distinct zones, including a large junior area, toddler area and separate soft play baby area. To compliment the soft play areas provided by us, Paulina also included separate party rooms, role play rooms and an arts and craft space.

With the head height restriction in place, the large junior area was split across 2 full-sized levels and was heavily themed with underwater and beach side theming, to compliment the Sea Life brand. Two large feature slides were included, with artwork theming to suit the brand.

There were a number of unique to Play Creations features included within the design. On such feature is our Vortex wheel, a full-sized rotational ‘hamster’ wheel for kids. This was included to the ground floor and positioned for maximum visual impact within the frame.

Other’s such as spring steps, spring surf board and totem pole spinner, were included in first floor positions, for maximum feature variety. A large trampoline was also included to the front of the play area for maximum visual effect. The rest of the junior area was packed full of soft play features like spinning squeeze rollers, hanging bash bags and snakes, traverse climbing panels, aerial sky glides and a mix of rope features.

Toddler and baby soft play

A separate baby and toddler zone was situated next to the main seating area for greater carer supervision and interaction. This was a well-proportioned space, as the pre-school day market is a key one to appeal to and is often over-looked. These areas included age specific features that begin the journey of physical exploration and sensory stimulation from a young age and are fundamental to the development of a child’s early senses.