Project:  Space

Client:  Jemma Gregory

Total Cost:  £30000 (Ex. Vat)

Building Size:  30004000 sq. ft

Age Range:  0 – 8

Soft play install

Founded in 2014 by a group of parents, Space is a charity that supports parents of children with learning difficulties and disabilities. A safe space where advice, help and learning opportunities are widely available. Space is run by a dedicated staff team with fantastic volunteers that give their time to help others. Due to their success Space was able to grow. Having the ability to expand and renovate an unused building, the team wanted to add something a little extra for the young people. A bespoke, functional soft play area was needed and Jemma contacted Play Creations for just that. The soft play area would need to accommodate for both parents and children whilst also been fully accessible for less able children. The design was achieved and work set on making the design a reality.

Adventure Play

The main frame was designed to have large deck heights for access, with internal features that are fun but not limiting. A large trampoline with an easy access entrance sat to the left of the system. We also designed a custom kick board to the front of the trampoline that allowed access for a mobile hoist. This was very important for the Space staff as accessibility and inclusion was the main focus. An LED Infinity Mirror sat in an enclosed space behind the log ramp. These are great features that encourage senses. A balance beam with assist ropes and Cube Floor were added to also add a safe challenge for children while allowing access for parents and carers in the space surrounding. We also added one of our own design features. The Spinning Flower is floor mounted and allows users to sit and spin with minimum effort. With soft mats surrounding the feature, they make a great alternative to Dizzy Discs.

The first floor holds an array of features that are both challenging and exciting. A giant interactive Pin Wheel, soft Log Bridge and Bouncy Balls were all arranged with practicality in mind. Finally, we included a bespoke slide with custom waterfall artwork. This feature was designed with the users in mind whilst careful considerations were made for angle, speed and landing area.

Open soft play area

We included a soft play area to the right of the frame which was fully encased by soft, floor and wall boards. This area held a number of interactive games panels, Mirrors, soft play toys and smaller soft play blocks. This area was added to encourage participation with users that couldn’t access the full frame but were still wanting the fun experience. We decided not to add a retaining wall in this case so wheelchair users could still have full access.


A little extra

Overall, the install went without any problems and the finishing ‘Garden’ Artwork added the extra WOW factor. These were designed and printed by the Play Creations Team so allows for high-quality repeatable results. The room also had a number of RSJ support columns in the surrounding area. As safety was paramount, we also included full height safety pads for that extra peace of mind. These would later be turned into trees from the team which looked amazing and really finished off the space.