Washington Millenium Centre

26 Feb 2020

Play Creations Installs Brand New Magical Garden Themed Softplay Area


Karen Quigley

Total Cost

£100k (Exc. VAT)

Key Features

– Suits Building Size: 10,000 – 12,000 sq. ft.

– Age Range: Baby (0-2), Toddler (2-5), Junior (5-12)

Softplay Install – Washington ( North East England )

Washington Millenium Centre in the North East of the UK, was a publically funded community centre that was recently handed to a local foundation to continue to run and develop for the benefit of the local residents.Within the centre are various facilities including library, indoor and outdoor sports pitches, catering services and much more.Also included was a large indoor sports hall, that hosted regular softplay mornings with bouncy castles and a small softplay offering, that proved popular within the local community.Aside from this, the hall was also available to hire for badminton and other such sports uses. However the take up for these services were dwindling and it was put to the board that the area might be better served as a complete and dedicated softplay facility, which in turn would lead to much greater revenue from the area.The board appointed Karen Quigley (the centre manager) to begin investigating UK manufacturers of softplay equipment and she quickly came across Play Creations previous softplay installations. Impressed with the quality of product and design from Play Creations, Karen made contact to see what could be done within their sports hall in terms of adding a softplay frame

Play Creations responded with some outline proposals and costs to fit out their sports hall with a new softplay frame. Following a site survey to define the spaces available and to further refine the brief, Play Creations went away to finalise 3D designs for the softplay equipment.

The images below show some interior perspectives from the final softplay design that Play Creations produced:

Great Softplay Design

The design contains a wide range of exciting and innovative soft play features, including a 4 lane wavy slide, spiral slide, kart track area, sports area, giant rotating pin-wheel and sensory air features amongst all our other high quality and fun softplay features.

Also included in the design was a dedicated toddler area for 2-5yrs and a dedicated baby area for 0-2yrs.

Themed around the chosen brand of ‘Millie’s Magical Garden’, Play Creations created a host of bespoke artwork, including painted steel tree outlines, tree house artwork and applique features to enhance the visual appeal and to link directly with their chosen brand identity.

Below are some photographs of the finished article:


Karen and the whole team at Washington were delighted with the finished product and Karen had this to say about the process:
”It was a big decision to take on this new venture and a lot rests on the success of the project. We were spending a lot of money and wanted the best value for money we could get, whilst keeping the highest level of quality. Play Creations delivered on all counts!! They have been a pleasure to deal with and they gave us the confidence that they would deliver what they said they would. They did not disappoint!!”