Soft Play

Play Creations design, manufacture and supply soft play products to suit any theme and budget. Soft Play is the term generally used to describe play areas designed for pre-toddler aged children. However, in areas where there is only soft play, they can be designed to cater for children up to 5 or 6 years old.

These soft play areas are fully padded with features such as soft rockers, soft slides and interactive games included.

Adventure Play

Adventure play is the term generally used to describe play areas designed for both toddlers and juniors. These systems are usually framed structures enclosed by safety netting and padding. Adventure play areas host a huge range of soft play features and obstacle and can give hours of entertainment for children. These structures can sometimes follow a theme like farm or sea and can be decorated in a number of bright, fun vinyls.

Adventure play centres can provide a very sustainable and profitable business, usually running alongside a site cafe or shop.

Inflate Play

From Foam Pit airbags to traditional bouncy castles play creations has a great reputation in the quality of our products. In the past inflatables were an oversized, overpriced and not long lived. With the development of materials now available we have been able to develop and manufacture affordable, long lasting inflatables at a very competitive price. Our coloured vinyl is UV protected meaning you get the vibrant colours for much longer. We also understand that starting and running your own business can be hard work and the added pressure of choosing a manufacturer can be a long costly process. We provide free, professional advice whilst also providing a free design and quote. You only pay for your finished product.

Jump Play

Trampoline parks have become a popular activity, for children and adults alike. We can design these trampoline parks to cater for a specific age group, or for a wider age group depending on your needs. A variety of features, including Dodge Ball zones, Ninja Warrior, Warped Wall running, Stepping Stones, Log Roll, Giant Airbags and Battle Balance Beams can be included. These are situated between padded walkways and railings, ensuring a safe and fun environment.

We can also design and install custom Climbing Wall Areas and Parkour Parks to cater for any space. as well as specialist equipment to suit each environment. As these are now officially recognised and with climbing confirmed as one of the 2020 Olympics games sports great support is on offer to promote and encourage participation.

Extreme Play

Ninja Warrior and Parkour courses are a fantastic addition to your indoor Activity Centre or Trampoline Park, with both soft play or aluminium frame variants and custom made wooden obstacles for all age ranges.

An excellent way to add some friendly competition into an activity centre, Ninja Warrior courses combine the healthy physical activity to trampoline parks with the thrill and exhilaration to both young people and adults. Ninja Warrior courses include features such as: Rope Swing, Spider Jump, Warped Wall, Tarzan Rope, Jumping Bars, Unstable Bridge, Devil Steps and Arm Rings. similar to ones found in larger, adult obstacle courses. These include vert-ramps, monkey bars, swinging monkey rings, angled step blocks, climbing walls and much more.

Portable Play

Portable soft play Qube’s are designed with space and transportation in mind, bringing together both fun and functionality. We have specially designed the Qube’s to be a fantastic asset to hire companies, hire fleets and any other like minded businesses

The Qube’s follow the same principle as our other play equipment but all on a smaller level. constructed by galvanised steel tube and miniature clamps the frame is both rigid and light. We wrap the steel in high grade padding and PVC Vinyl to give the final vibrant colours. Features are made from industry standard, reliable foam and all necessary panels are enclosed with industry standard netting.

Sensory Play

Sensory areas or Multi-Sensory rooms are areas that are generally used by those with moderate to profound special needs and which have been found to have significant benefits to users of all ages.

A Sensory Room is an area specially designed to stimulate the body’s senses. These can promote both a de-escalating and encouraging environment for those with a range of Special Educational Needs. These rooms can provide a hugely beneficial learning and stimulating experience to both young people and adults. They promote a broad range of development skills such as: fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, gross motor skills, colour recognition, & individual learning.

Through Light, sound, touch and sometimes smell. Individuals are able to enjoyable a controlled as well as safe stimulative experience.