What goes into Softplay manufacturing?

Play Creations is a major competitor in the Softplay, Trampoline and Bouncy Castle market so would like to give you an insight into how it’s done!

Play Creations manufacturing

Here at Play Creations, we specialise in the Design, Manufacturing and Installation of all aspects of the soft play industry. Jungle gyms, Trampoline parks and inflatable parks are just the very tip of what we get up to and 80% of our time is spent back in the factory designing and manufacturing our products. But it is here where our dedicated staff team really come into their own. With skillsets from across all trades, we are able to bring new concepts and ideas to life. This year the Play Creations team are looking at continuing this success and shall be expanding further onto additional business opportunities.

So what really happens at the Play Creations factory?


We are going to start right at the beginning. A client is looking at opening a jungle gym play area and is wanting a Softplay frame designing.

Whenever a client enquires about a job the first thing we do is talk the client through everything needed for the early stages. Some new business ideas can feel a little daunting so we like to help by just giving the information needed at the time. It’s common that we arrange to meet the client in person either here at the factory or at an alternative desired destination. If the client has already secured the building we also send out a designer to measure up. The meeting is not just about business we like to really get to know the client. We understand that understanding someone’s idea can really help with the overall process involved from start to finish. Next, we try to get an idea of the customers’ expectations and ideas, colour schemes, age ranges, budget and size. Once we understand this we can set to work on the design.

The design process can be broken down into 5 main parts:

  1. Scale Drawing(using Auto Cad)
  2. 3D Model(3D Studio Max)
  3. Breakdown & Costings
  4. Presentation(Adobe In-design)
  5. Client Feedback
  6. Technical Drawings for manufacturing (Auto Cad)

The first 4 points can be repeated several times due to client feedback.

The designing process has to take everything into consideration presented by the client, Colour schemes, Branding, Themes, room shape, overall look, age ranges and neighbouring areas e.g. café & seating. Once the client is happy and gives the thumbs up for the final design, all technical drawings are drawn up and passed on the rest of the factory team to begin manufacturing.


Once all technical have been passed, the team can set to work on the different tasks included in the process. This includes:

  • Building all wooden carcasses and cutting timber to size
  • Foaming all boards and features
  • Sewing all the vinyl need to wrap the boards and features
  • cutting and welding all steel neede & finally putting it all together.

From floorboards to climbing walls

All soft play features need to be three things. Strong, Soft, and Safe. So to ensure this we use the best materials on the market. 18mm Sheeted Ply is used for all deck boards and load-bearing features. 6mm sheeted ply is used for floorboards to prevent foam abrasion.  50mm, 6lb recon foam is used for any surface that a child can walk on and 25mm, 6lb recon foam is used for everything else that a child/ toddler can come into contact with (e.g. underside of deck boards, the sides of features).

Once the boards and features are made the next stage is to head upstairs to the sewing department.


All soft play equipment needs to stand up to the test of time. From Softplay shapes to board covering we use the best vinyl on the market. We stay away from printed vinyl where possible and prefer to applique any detail directly. This helps both with a longer life and an easier surface to maintain. With over 10 years of experience, our sewing department ensures all the vinyl is cut and sewn to millimetre perfection. Zips and eyelets are added to finish off the skin then it’s back downstairs to finish the process.

The vinyl skin comes back downstairs and is paired with the ready-made foam carcass. Working as a team we then staple the vinyl covering with the factory’s high-pressure staplers thus completing the board or feature.  We trim away any unnecessary material to give a greater aesthetic look and send it back upstairs to be wrapped in a protective covering and stored.

Play creations do accept that we can’t do everything (yet). So for most features with electric, we have a dedicated list of suppliers who provide the necessary goods. Of course, we do give out own touch to each.

Once all the manufacturing is complete and the client is ready for the build to start, the next stage can begin.

The install…